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Red Sea

he Red Sea, having a length of 2350 kilometres and a width of 350 km at its widest point (on a level with Eritrea), is like a long tube joining the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. From a geological point of view it lies right in one of the danger zones of the planet, on the long fault which stretches from the great lakes of central-east Africa as far as the Gulf of Aqaba and the Jordan valley.

Despite the fact that it is so narrow, it is a very deep sea, reaching almost 3000 metres in the central area and dropping 600-800 metres in many points near the reef: a wall of water on which scuba divers who venture to the reef's external drops find themselves swimming. On the other hand, the northernmost end, near the Gulf of Suez and the southern coast end near the Bab al Mandab straits, are much shallower with depths not over 100 metres. Even through it is linked to the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea can be regarded as a closed sea, and even its fauna, considered biologically as belonging to the Indo-Pacific region, boasts 20% endemic species. Although the fauna is more or less the same throughout the Red Sea, the characteristics of the sea bottom vary greatly.

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