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    Red Sea
Rocks & Mountains

bout twenty million years ago, Egypt, Sinai and the Arab peninsula were united in a single block. Then huge terrestrial devastations led to the separation of the lands, and the southern Sinai peninsula remained isolated, giving rise to two large gulfs: to the west, the gulf of Suez, whose maximum depth is barely 95 metres, and the gulf of Aqaba to the east, which instead reaches a depth of 1800 metres.

The mountains of Sinai are, on average, 3000 feet tall in the north and over 6000 feet tall in the south, the tallest of them all is Mount Sinai, which stands 8649 feet tall.

The most important peaks are the Gebel Musa (Moses mountain), which reaches 2285 metres, and Mount St.Catherine (Gebel Kathrina), of 2642 metres, the highest on the peninsula.

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